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What Are AI Skillsets?

Machines that Read Text

NLP algorithms help our machines process and understand the millions of lines of text people generate daily.

Learning to Extract Insights

The more text the machines read the better and smarter they get at understanding the semantic meaning.

Augmenting Decision Making

Eventually the machines will read the things people won’t or can’t, empowering us to make incredibly informed choices.

Make Smarter Decisions on Any Platform

On Your iPhone
Faster decisions on the go

iPhone users need great information on the go, especially when there's no time to read web search results. Whether deciding the best apps to download, the best places to go or products to buy, products on the iPhone will help you make smarter decisions fast.

On Your Amazon Echo
Better info for smart speakers

At home where time is precious, you can use products to have Alexa speak in just a few sentences the same information that would normally take you multiple web searches to get.

On your Android Phone or Google Home
When a web search isn't fast enough

Android and Google Home both have amazing web search features built in but it's not always the quickest path to the information you need. products can help Android and Home users make smarter decisions quickly.


Introducing autocompare

Automatically compare products, food, movies, places, stocks, apps, and more to make smarter, faster decisions on which to choose.


Take Back Your Time

People are spending precious time researching the products and services they want to buy. Why not let the machines gather and read all of that data for us? With Autocompare you can reduce 90 minutes of comparison research into a report that takes no more than 20 seconds to read.

of consumers research a purchase for 30+ minutes
of Youtubers watch 10+ minutes of video to help make decisions
of people read web search results for 20+ minutes to make a choice

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